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Truck behaviour on rough roads

Posted: 16 May 2019 16:04
by Mr Larrington
This sort of thing:

bump3 by Mr Larrington, on Flickr

Previously, the rough roads and speed bumps commonly found in South America and the former Soviet Union would just cause a bit of noise and shaking but a few generations of game updates ago said bumps, and the occasional rail crossing closer to home, have resulted in behaviour like that in the screenshot or the truck being fired off the road altogether. It only happens when you've got the power on, so you can coast quite happily over stuff at 140 km/h but have cruise control on at 30 km/h and you find yourself bouncing into oncoming traffic. I haven't been able to determine whether it's connected with a specific map mod, but it happens in profiles both with and without some, or more, of ProMods/MHA/TSM/EAA/Russian Open Spaces. My uninformed guess is that SCS fiddled with something under the bonnet which affects any sufficiently large bump but this is only a guess.

Has anyone figured out the cause or (better) a fix?

Re: Truck behaviour on rough roads

Posted: 16 May 2019 18:38
by teddie387
hi what settings do you have the trucks physics set to as it been added in 1.34 in the console commands

Re: Truck behaviour on rough roads

Posted: 17 May 2019 12:42
by Mr Larrington
physics.sii is the default SCS one and the only changes to config.cfg I've made have been:

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uset r_buffer_page_size "35"
uset g_lod_factor_traffic "5"
The former because AI traffic was only appearing as a driver and a pair of number plates and the latter because trailers were appearing long before their wheels showed up.

The bouncing around has been going on since well before v1.34 was released; I think from v1.33 but it may have been earlier as it took me a couple of months to catch up after v1.32 came out.

Edit: After testing with numerous combinations of maps over the nastiest surfaces Russia and Kazakhstan have to offer I've learned precisely nothing except that it might be slightly better is Southern Region goes below The Great Steppe in the mod manager. Possibly. Now more confused than ever. Roll on v1.35 so I can have something else to worry about :D