ProMods 2.40 incompatible even though I have what it says is missing

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26 May 2019 21:57


ETS2: version
ProMods: version 2.40

I've just reinstalled ETS2 and ProMods after not playing for about a year. I have all the currently existing map DLCs on Steam and both Steam and ETS2 say they are installed. However, when I got to enable any of ProMods in the Mod Manager, the images and information box show 2.17 even though the files are freshly downloaded 2.40 and are thus incompatible.

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26 May 2019 23:09

We need to see your game.log then.
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26 May 2019 23:48

I found out the cause. Steam had a reference to a folder inside a backup image that still had 2.17 and was preferring that over the actual mod folder for reasons unknown. I have removed the copy of 2.17 from the backup image and Steam is now loading the mods correctly. Apologies.

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10 Jun 2019 17:34

Where did you find it?
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23 Jun 2019 07:54

The solution ? try to be more specific.

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