2 errors: screen freeze and dxgi invalid call

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07 Jul 2019 18:33

I was wondering if anyone has any insight into the following two issues I am having.

The first is a recurring error in the game log which does not seem to affect game play. I am repeatedly getting <ERROR> [dxgi] present failed (0x887a0001) appearing in the game log, to the point that my game log exceeds 1.5 MB and is being truncated. (I linked to a shortened game log version below, from initiating game to when this error starts to repeat). A quick google search said this was an invalid directx call, whatever that means.

My other error is that after playing for about 15 minutes, the screen will randomly freeze. I have to do a ctrl-alt-del then cancel to unfreeze the screen. Sometimes this then happens again after another 30 minutes or so, seems to be random.

Playing on Windows and Directx 11. Current version of Promods, Rusmap (gmtvares), JazzyCat cargo and trailers. I think the screen freeze may be a JazzyCat issue (but I am not sure), although I'm getting the directx 0x887a0001 errors without JazzyCat.

game log:

Update: The dxgi errors seem to occur when I alt-tab to the desktop. They do not occur when the game is active. So, it's much less of an issue.

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09 Jul 2019 12:53

Is that your game.log when you have a random freeze after 15 min ? because I see no error at the end, except the dxgi errors.

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09 Jul 2019 18:47

That's correct, EdgeGladiator. There was nothing written in the game log when the screen freezes. The game recovers if I ctrl-alt-del, but again, nothing is written in the game log. Also the screen freezes, but I can escape to the main menu. In addition, if I just leave the frozen screen up, the game is still considering my truck as moving, as it will crash into something after a few seconds, which I can see by doing a ctrl-alt-del. Doesn't happen often at least.

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