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08 Jul 2019 04:43

Problem: I have updated my email preferences for this forum, but when notifications about a mod update from [email protected] are sent they go to my old address.

There is no "update email preferences" link in the notification email. It only gives me the option to unsubscribe. But I don't want to lose access to updates!

At first I thought that this must be because the Promods forum and Promods store have different accounts, so I'd just have to update my details on the promods store.

But the promods store says "No account found with that email." when I try to use the address I'm getting notifications on.

I seem to have stumbled on a dark pattern. Somewhere the wrong email address is recorded and I can't update it. Any ideas?

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08 Jul 2019 08:24

Have you tried going to your user control panel -> Profile -> Edit account options -> and check what email you've got there.
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08 Jul 2019 15:19

If you have ever used the paid download then I believe the email address you used with PayLoadz/PayPal gets stored in a separate list (which you cannot change from the forum interface).

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09 Jul 2019 01:47

I think this must have been what happened (I definitely paid). Kind of frustrating this problem only affects paying supporters.
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10 Jul 2019 16:43

asdf0987, I have a different email I use for paid downloads.
Maybe it is the email you use for paypal?
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14 Jul 2019 15:59

I can tell you how the system works ...

When you pay or donate, your e-mail address is automatically registered on the "premium e-mail list" containing all those who supported us by monetary means. They receive updates within 24 hours.
When you register for the forums, your e-mail address is automatically registered on the "standard e-mail list" containing ALL e-mail addresses of every ProMods user (over 700k). Due to the volume of this list and the likely impact on the download servers, this e-mail list is sent about 1 week after the release, in order not to clog the servers.

The e-mail addresses in both lists are never updated, changing your e-mail address on the forum is not going to update the e-mail list.
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