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For problems that are not caused by ProMods
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28 Jul 2019 16:10

I've been playing ProMods 2.41 for 3 days and notice that External Contracts don't work in certain cities. Soonest i move to other city that wasn't toched by ProMods, External Contracts will work. I don't know why it's happening but it needs a fix.

I have installed all the mods and addons from ProMods:
- promods-assets-v241.scs
- promods-cap-v109.scs
- promods-def-st-v241.scs
- promods-map-v241.scs
- promods-me-assets-v241.scs
- promods-me-defmap-v241.scs
- promods-media-v241.scs
- promods-model1-v241.scs
- promods-model2-v241.scs
- promods-model3-v241.scs
- promods-tcp-companies-v123.scs
- promods-tcp-def-companies-v123.scs
- promods-tcp-def-trailers-main-v123.scs
- promods-tcp-def-trailers-replacement-v123.scs
- promods-tcp-def-trailers-standalone-v123.scs
- promods-tcp-trailers-v123.scs

PS: Some parcking spaces are too tight to sleep and sry for my english is not thr best.

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28 Jul 2019 16:11

External contracts are not compatible with map mods. Anything that is different from the base game will cause problems.
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29 Jul 2019 08:45

I'm not expert in this area but maybe the best way to preserv this functionality is to build around the main structures like garages, mechanics, job providing sights, etc.. Just my opinion.
Thanx for the great work.

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29 Jul 2019 08:58

That's just impossible and won't happen.
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