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World map out of sync

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28 Jul 2019 17:32


I just reinstalled ETS2 ProMods and RusMap. Now world map seems to be out of sync. I think iwe put mods in right order in modmanager. Can someone provide me more info what I`m have to do to get game working properly?

There is photo what I mean, in that dropbox link. ... 1.jpg?dl=0

And here is link for my game.log.txt file ... g.txt?dl=0

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28 Jul 2019 17:36


you also have to download and activate the ProMods & RusMap connection file, otherwise ProMods and RusMap are not connected ;)
You can get it here:

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28 Jul 2019 21:40

Nastyplayer wrote:
28 Jul 2019 17:32

I just reinstalled ETS2 ProMods and RusMap. Now world map seems to be out of sync.
There is photo what I mean
Having cities a little bit into the sea like in that picture isn't an issue, the scale of the map means it is sometimes impossible to get everything lined up perfectly with the background map outlines,
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17 Aug 2019 18:13

I had the same issue, untill i downloaded the SuperZoom mod and now its perfectly fine for me, everything is on the right line. If you still have the issue, you should give a try: ... 2.scs.html
Hopefully it will helps^^

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