Black walls in Scandinavia

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07 Sep 2019 20:03

Hi and sorry for bothering, if I missed something obvious.

Playing 64 bit on Ubuntu Xenial, PM 2.41, only maps seen as compatible in order according to this post are enabled.

In really many parts of Scandinavia I encounter this:


This instance is around <35204.1 41.5994 -111768>, there are many others - closer to the road or on horizon, even going through towns (i.e. Trondheim, ...). No visible thickness, black from both sides, where one can see the other side. OpenGL not understanding transparency of some barrier / construction element ?

game log

Is there anything I can do myself?

Thx a lot


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07 Sep 2019 20:31

Can you try to check it without other mods than ProMods?

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07 Sep 2019 21:19

I can not confirm any Black Textures at the location in OpenGL mode. There is a known Problem that some textures render black in OpenGL, due the dds file being in a slightly wrong format. But those has been fixed in a previous Version. So this is another mod overriding the textures. And please copy the coordinates from your bugs.txt file, so we have the full coordinates including sectors.
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08 Sep 2019 18:15

Disabled Steppe, Southern Region and RusMap including RCs. Economy and Superzoom left in place.

First ride, at the location from the picture no black walls. I'll retrace some other routes, just to be sure. If still no black walls, I'll try some combinations.
Edit 20:50 : No black walls from Sundsvall to Trondheim (there were really annoying ones). Not a ProMods problem.

Sorry for not trying that first. I'm kind of new to ProMods, probably shouldn't start with combos.

Recorded previous locations (probably not necessary anymore)

Code: Select all

Sweden ;[07/09/2019 16:15] (sec+0003-0018);14882.5;11.8904;-71299.7;2.16613;-0.243739
Trondheim ;[07/09/2019 16:29] (sec+0001-0019);6790.38;-9.34949;-72687;-0.0730241;-0.220491
Trondheim ;[07/09/2019 16:31] (sec+0001-0019);6531.53;-3.61174;-72132.8;1.22875;-0.0718796
South of Honningsvag ;[07/09/2019 19:52] (sec+0008-0028);35204.1;41.5993;-111768;1.80809;-0.126886
Thx again


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