Crash Upon Selecting Quick Job

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07 Sep 2019 21:17

Hi all,

I am running ETS2 with ProMods 2.41 + Trailer/Company Pack, RusMap 1.9.0, Southern Region 7.9.0, Great Steppe 1.2, and Paris Rebuild 2.3, using all necessary connections and the load order suggested here:

I am also running miscellaneous graphics mods and an economy mod which I don't think are interfering.

The problem is when I choose a quick job from St. Petersburg (which I assume is from RusMap) and Narva in Estonia, the game crashes. Routes in other places work fine.

Here is the game.log.txt:

Any ideas?

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07 Sep 2019 21:23

add this: above all Map Mods. The crash is caused by a broken texture in Dx11.
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08 Sep 2019 05:26

Worked like a charm, thanks!
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