My game is broken

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13 Oct 2019 12:05

I have many issuses with my game.
1. Textures are like this
2. Sometime when i start game the screen is black
3. The game loads slower
The all issuses started after that i enabled developer and console, To try the map editor.
I have tried.
1. Restart game.
2. Disable developer and console.
3. Create new profile without any mods.
Do i have to reinstall game?
Before i enabled console and developer, There was no black screen sometimes i open, Textures looking weird and game loads slower

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13 Oct 2019 13:46

Game.log please?
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13 Oct 2019 13:49

Did you launch the game in safe mode at any point? It resets all graphic settings to minimal, you have to manually set them back to what you prefer again.

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13 Oct 2019 16:06


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