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10 Nov 2019 12:54

I just downloaded ProMods, and this is how my map looks.

I don't have Rusmap so i created my definition file in consequence (idk if that would be the point but i say it anyway)
I have the latest versions of ETS2 (not beta) and of ProMods
I have all the required DLCs
The game launches (like i can be in the world, it's just a graphic bug apparently)

I searched a little for a similar problem on the forum but i didnt find anything, on both recent posts or already known bugs
Thanks a lot for your help,

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10 Nov 2019 13:07

That's not a bug, but a Mod conflict, please post your game.log
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10 Nov 2019 13:27

I just tried in multiplayer (the reason why i downloaded the mod though) and it's apparently going completely fine, thanks for your help.

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