[2.42] No road collision on freeway to Kaunas from south

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23 Nov 2019 06:58

While recording my gameplay, I encountered an area wherein after passing a certain point on the road, the AI traffic disappears and I fall off the road. It looked like promods unloaded by itself, as when I checked the map while falling, all the routes disappeared. Please assist if this is an issue on my end or a bug.

Game code: Attached as zip, sorry. Even pastebin says it's too big, only PRO users allowed.

Coordinates (before the thing happens, just go forward a bit):

Code: Select all

Map/Road where the bug occurs:

Recording: Note that after loading an autosave, it reverted me back to the garage and immediately crashed. Loading the same autosave after restarting the game worked fine again, hence my conclusion that the mod got unloaded.
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23 Nov 2019 07:29

Please report bugs only with ProMods enabled, this is a Mod conflict.
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