Map editor crashes on new version

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14 Dec 2019 11:41

Hello! I don't understand why, but the map editor crashes randomly on the new version. Is there a fix for this?
Also, it sucks that you have to add "-edit" to launch options, to be able to launch the map editor... XD

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14 Dec 2019 12:09


1. Does your Mod contain sector Files from 1.35?
2. Is your Mod based in europe.mbd or is it standalone (after -edit you need the Name of your .mbd)
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14 Dec 2019 12:33

Sorry, I forgot to mention. It crashes on a new map. Maybe if I save it and then continue to work at it will help?

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14 Dec 2019 12:58

If it crashes, check the log for problems.
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