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04 Feb 2020 19:57

Hi. Textures in Ukraine police car missing or some conflict ?
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08 Feb 2020 13:09

I have same problem

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12 Feb 2020 22:53

This model appears properly on my end in traffic. Can you please post the coordinates of this parked vehicle, so that I can check if it affects only this specific static model or not?
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13 Feb 2020 11:58

All ukraine police car same problem - traffic and parking.

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13 Feb 2020 12:22

then it's a mod conflict. Post your game.log in this case.
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27 Feb 2020 01:16

Almost all Toyota "Prius" cars have already been beaten in traffic accidents :D
Now Ukrainian police switched to Skoda "Rapid" and Mitsubishi "Outlander". How do you look at updating the fleet? :idea:
Also they use Renault's "Dokker" & "Duster"

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27 Feb 2020 20:21

I can confirm that this is a very likely a mod conflict.
The situation for me was that I added some new maps to the existing Promods 2.43., RusMap 2.0 and RoExtended 2.4 -in the beginning, it was working fine.
But when I added Southern Region, Great Steppe and the small ones (Paris Rebuild, Scandinavian Isles and Med Map) I got red textures in the police car and on some sidewalks as well as some buildings (but very sparsely).
Game Log shows that some textures are missing (this is actually why they change to red color).
My mod sequence can not be very bad/chaotic since I followed some guides by "wombat" for instance (I actually followed his sequence).

What I have found out is by deactivated mod by mod and watching the results:
The small ones (Paris Rebuild, Scandinavian Isles and MedMap) caused the texture problems on the roads and on the buildings - so I changed the priority/order of these maps (they are very low now) and the red textures disappeared.
But what remains now are the red police cars.
And very significant: In downtown Kiev: The small van with the guy selling balloons is actually totally red for me (it even says: Textures unknown on it) - so by looking at this guy, I am actually testing different mod priorities.

So I think it is a matter of sorting the maps in the right way so that these textures will not be overwritten anymore - this is my speculation since I am not a mapper...but only a trucker.

I hope we can solve this in the near future.

Good luck.

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Ok, I have found related topics in the RoExtended-Forum

Read this:

They discovered the MedMap as the culprit for red textures on buildings (like I already assumed, see above).

General rule is that these interfering map mods should stay below the actual map mod showing red textures.
For the police cars: this we still have to find out.

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