Turkish map crashers

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23 Feb 2020 02:43

I need turkish map, but I have downloaded and installed but the game crashers. I use YKSRSK in mod manager ingame but they game crashers.
I do everything but nothing is possible with that promods and without promods.
I got all DLC's and I try new profile ingame they doesnt work, what to do ?

I have pasted gamelog here -->
youre sincely

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23 Feb 2020 08:13

YKSRSK is known to be incompatible with ProMods and is generally "use at your own risk." Same for RoEx. You're also using Swedish Islands, which is also unsupported and not recommended. Though I will say your load order is probably at least one cause of your issues (map mods always go at the bottom, you have trailer mods in the middle of maps), but I'm not going to attempt to thread the needle and try to come up with a load order that might possibly work for all those maps.

Since you're having difficulty even without PM, I'd recommend you try asking for help in the RoEx YKSRSK forums to start. They may be able to fix your root cause issue, and at first glance they appear to have load orders that may work better with PM.

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23 Feb 2020 08:33

haha.. incompatible.. :D ok.. in simple wors, you just need proper load order and proper map versions w/connectors
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23 Feb 2020 13:59

Can u guide me a little bit what to do so I can understand that
which mods I can get first so the turkish map can work ?

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23 Feb 2020 15:43

google is your best friend: https://www.google.com/search?q=YKSRSK& ... e&ie=UTF-8

we can´t help you here, because ProMods don´t support YKSRSK.
No Support via PM!

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