DirectX11 Crashes

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Florian Scheuner
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16 Mar 2020 16:00

Hello there,

I hope anyone could help me. I have a non-ProMods related crashes in ETS2 as well as ATS. Every time the game loads fine to driving mode, rests for some seconds okay and then follows a game crash where the screen freezes and error report window opens. It only happens in DirectX 11 Mode. Maybe it has something to do with the fact, that ETS2 recognizes a false version (DX9.0c) and not DX11. Have a look at the beginning of the log. DirectX is updated to the newest version and DX12 is installed as well. I already tried re-installing ETS2, deleting DirectX files and then reinstalling them (as far as it is possible), re-installing graphics drivers and a repair-installation of Windows 10 too. Nothing worked for me. If someone still has an Idea, let me know. Thanks.

Best regards,

(left out last 8k lines, as they only contain

Code: Select all

<ERROR> [dx11] error creating render target view

Code: Select all

<ERROR> [dx11] meta_copy: failed to create SRV (0x887a0005)

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16 Mar 2020 16:13

Maybe your video card is broken? No issues in other games?
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Florian Scheuner
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16 Mar 2020 16:20

Other DX11 games are running fine, no issues

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16 Mar 2020 21:17

Try to disable Gefore Expirence and make sure your Graphics Driver is updated.
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Florian Scheuner
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21 Mar 2020 15:15

Seems to work now. I don't know what the issue was, but I updated to the March 19 update of the Graphics drivers and actually apparently it fixed it. Thanks anyways.

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