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Technic question -PC upgrade

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11 Apr 2020 19:30

Hello. I'm thinking about upgrade my PC for ets2. Now I have I5 3470S 16gb Ram DDR3 1600 , SSD 256GB samsung (Sata) GTX 1060 3GB OC. I have 50-60 fps but sometimes i have lags or very lags. Promods,poland rebuilding,rus map, jazzycat AI packs,sometimes trailers mods,next-gen graphic mod. I play Ultra/high details on 1080p,300 % scalling, Mlaa etc.
I want to buy I5 9400KF, RTX 2060 super, 16 gb Ram DDR4 3200 and M2 SSD. Will I have a big difference with these confuguration or no ?

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12 Apr 2020 01:00

ETS2 is very CPU/GPU dependent so with those upgrades the game will run better for sure
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27 Apr 2020 15:16

Hard to say whether you will see a big difference or not, although with 3rd gen i5 to 9th gen i5 is a big jump as is moving from GTX1060 to RTX2060.

User Benchmark is a good website which can bench your current setup to see how it is performing, which you can repeat after you have completed the upgrades.

With the new motherboard it is worth checking their Qualified Vendor List for types of RAM/CPU they'll accept to obtain higher speeds.

Hope this helps!
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