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Route Advisor Speed Limit vs Posted Limit

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29 Apr 2020 21:58

While I realize that the posted speed limit signs apply only to cars, vans and light trucks, I'm from North America where trucks and cars are subject to the same speed limits. As a result, I have set the "Route Advisor speed limit" to "Show Car Limit". I've noticed that throughout ProMods 2.45, every time the posted limit is 90Km/h, the route advisor declares the limit to be "80Km/h".

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29 Apr 2020 22:24

Well, the game plays in europe not north America, where the speed limit rules are different, you don't need to set it to show car limit.
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01 May 2020 16:07

I'm aware that the game is played in Europe! All I was doing was pointing out that whenever the speed limit sign reads "90", the route advisor reads "80", while all the other speed limit signs are displayed correctly in the route advisor, whether they are "30" or "130", if you have the game set to show the route advisor car limit. It's my choice as to whether I want to play the game using the route advisor set to car limit or truck limit, otherwise the game would only be set to truck limits.

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