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[2.45] Wrong skybox and/or sun position at sunset (video)

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30 Apr 2020 00:25

I wanted to take screenshots but I can't make the image so wide, so I decided to make a video instead, showing the wrong position of the skybox and/or the sun during sunset. The sun should be in the center of the skybox in order to match the color of the skybox at that time of the day, otherwise it looks like we have 2 suns setting at the same time. :lol: There are also coordinates at the end the video but somehow I doubt they would do much good in this case.

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03 May 2020 16:10

Looks fine on my end at the location seen in your video:


Since your skybox looks much different than the one on my end, my guess that there's a mod conflict with a visual addon you're using.
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03 May 2020 18:32

You need to get the ProMods Compatability file for RGM: ... phics-mod/
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