Development on version 1.x (British Columbia Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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19 Apr 2019 23:47


Hello and welcome to the official development topic for ProMods Canada!

In the first version we plan to include a number of cities in British Columbia, there is a map below that shows the areas we plan to include. Also linked below is the teaser video that we released to our YouTube channel as an 'April Fools Prank' video and the recent blog post that includes a number of screenshots of the work done so far.

As with all of our projects, there is no set release date.

We hope you're all excited for ProMods' expansion into the ATS world!


The ProMods Canada announcement blog post

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20 Apr 2019 07:47

Thats cool, cant wait to see the progress and results!

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20 Apr 2019 07:51

I hope the team will add the new mountains en draw distance tool when those are released. Than will it be even more awesome :)

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20 Apr 2019 08:22

Can't believe it! The Promods team is on fire! :o


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20 Apr 2019 08:24

Woo-hoo! I live in Kamloops, so cheers to this!

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20 Apr 2019 08:51

OMG great news!

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20 Apr 2019 09:10

Oh my good , that will be awesome , can't just wait for it .

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20 Apr 2019 09:38

I did not believe it was true! Although I do not have ATS, I am waiting!

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20 Apr 2019 09:40

Wow, nice surprise! I'm looking forward on how this progress will develop. Good work guys! :D

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20 Apr 2019 09:55

nice news ! :)

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