Development on version 1.x (British Columbia Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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20 Apr 2019 10:27

Fantastic! I'm confident it's gonna be great! 😎

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20 Apr 2019 10:39

Hell yeah! Time has come! It looks so great and I can't wait!

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20 Apr 2019 10:52

Looks awesome! But please make compatibility with C2C.
My wish list of countries hopefully coming to ETS2: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, China, Japan, Vatican City, San Marino, Monaco, Montenegro, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan (Thanks ExtremorGP!) and Armenia

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20 Apr 2019 12:59

Awesome. Once this is released I will move my whole operation and never reenter the US again.

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20 Apr 2019 13:13

Hope we are excited, well dah, of course I am. I was hoping the video was for real as doing Canada once the Washington DLC was out just made too much sense.

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20 Apr 2019 13:33

Hallelujah brothers...Hallelujah... :D :lol:

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20 Apr 2019 15:09

thank you promods team for this awesome news.:) im soo excited its just like im in a dream

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20 Apr 2019 15:22

But 3 questions:
First Questions 1 and 2:
Lions Gate Bridge, is that the top most bridge?
Granville Bridge, is it in too?

Both are NO for semi trucks.
Lions Gate Bridge, weight limit of 13tonnes "13k kilo"

Sweet, found this: ... _Guide.pdf "2009 map"

3rd question.
Border station, will it be the 1 at BC 15/SR 543 for trucks?
Atleast it seems to be for trucks and buses, when checking google maps.

Except for that... so now to other stuff:
Sweet + I look forward to this!
Vancouver Island sometimes later?

/edit: added note to pdf link.
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Youtube video of a Semi Truck in Monaco 2011. Route driven. Traffic map. Possible modern ETS2 routes 1 and 2 and their combinations.
ProMods v2.33 and RusMap v1.8.1 load order for ETS2 1.34

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20 Apr 2019 15:36

All the best guys!

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20 Apr 2019 17:00

Thanks you team promods

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