Development on version 1.x (British Columbia Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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03 Jun 2019 12:46

Looks awesome! Really can't wait for this mod.
Also pretty excited about the fact that the Washington DLC is due to release this month!

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03 Jun 2019 15:24

nice work !

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03 Jun 2019 18:19

Are we finally going to have IKEA In American Truck Simulator? Yes!!!

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03 Jun 2019 21:24

Wooow, awesome work guys!

PS. Nico, I met you once in a H&G fight, but we are in a different sides.

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03 Jun 2019 22:07

Amazing pics and progress, waiting for release washighton and this beauty to expand my ATS roads

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04 Jun 2019 11:58

Really a very nice forward, beautiful to follow you, ATS will never be so attractive;) June announces that good for ATS ....

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04 Jun 2019 16:38

Now the real question, SCS announced that Washington DLC will include Vancouver. This will affect your work?

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04 Jun 2019 16:54

I'm guessing that they meant Vancouver, Washington which is just north of Portland in the southern part of the state. Not Vancouver, BC Canada
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04 Jun 2019 17:09

Ohhh, didn't know that are two Vancouver. Silly me :)

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04 Jun 2019 21:45

ProMods Canada is looking awesome! I'm really excited to be able to drive to Canada soon! ProMods also seems to be doing a great job with the road infrastructure. The traffic signals and road signage look really cool. In the most recent set of screenshots, the four section traffic signals for the protected left turn are cool! I'm actually a bit surprised that ProMods was able to pull that one off since SCS doesn't have dog house signals or flashing yellow arrow signals in the states yet, but it defiantly is a cool feature that is worth looking forward to. It is also interesting to see that ProMods is adding HOV lanes. That will defiantly help make urban freeways feel more realistic to have dedicated lanes like this.
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