Development on version 1.x (British Columbia Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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19 Aug 2019 09:25

vulchor wrote:
07 Aug 2019 13:57
Ruward, it is true that the US side is much much much more difficult. When I went up North to Winnipeg last time they tore apart my car on the way back. Everybody is dressed in camoflage BDUs, there is a machine gun rack on the wall, everyone is armed, the US border office is like a prison or bunker, and they put you in a room that is like a cell or interogation room, make you take off some of your clothes, your belt, your shoes, and sit and wait with no word on what is happening, there are no windows in the room. Very freaky. And I'm a US citizen. It didn't used to be like that before 9-11 at all. There was no hassle at all before. I used to go to Canada all the time as a kid with my folks or friends when I lived in Detroit, it was no fuss.

On the opposite side, the Canadians were friendly, professional, dressed in suits or business casual, the border office is like a nice business. Absolutely night and day. The Canadian side is what you would expect of a civilized nation, the US side is like a military dictatorship.
This has nothing to do with 911. it has to do with DHS policies of treating everybody like an illegal. Its getting progressively worse by the month. The candian DHS has always been worse than the mexican one i've come to find. The ones in buffalo/niagara used to be decent but not sure how that has changed in the past 4 years. i just stopped crossing land borders. airports are normal tho. Are we offtopic enough tho...

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TROPtastic wrote:
19 Aug 2019 05:54
That would take a very long time and could also overlap with other teams (eg. the various Mexico mods). Canada is large enough by itself that Promods has lots of areas that they can choose to model.
Thing is tho other mods lacks pro mods quality. So one day i would also like them to cover all of usa.

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19 Aug 2019 11:18

Yes the mods such as US Expansion and C2C, which cover areas within the US are not good quality, but IMO the Mexico ones are pretty good

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19 Aug 2019 14:30

Yep so id rather have a promods us expansion and a cost to cost pro mods v. Cause of the detail promods puts into there work.

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19 Aug 2019 15:49

personally i disagree with new countries.. i want more states, more cities, more roads and landscapes of canada. this give's good hours of traveling in a beautiful places.

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23 Aug 2019 14:31

Too bad there isnt a way to sign up to help test the mod out before prime time

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23 Aug 2019 18:33

Guys, canada is huge. They can spend the next 30 years mapping canada and not complete it. There is no point for anyone to map USA until scs officially announces they are abandoning it and no further content will be made.

As for modding existing areas, well..... theres a lot of need of that but again, is it really worth it? A lot of it you have to delete and start from scratch.

So canada works best for everybody. I hope after the initial plans and release the project takes off big time.

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Yeah that is what the Promods people have said. They could spend months working on an area and then SCS changes things and you could lose a lot of work. SCS will never come to Canada so it makes sense for Promods to focus on us.
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How big/in depth will the designs of the cities be?

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27 Aug 2019 01:09

I live in Calgary Alberta, but this would be sick to see!

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