Development on version 1.x (British Columbia Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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06 Sep 2019 00:54

LegendMeadow wrote:
05 Sep 2019 22:05
DDennis235 wrote:
05 Sep 2019 02:54
Fantastic! Also are you guys in the future considering expanding more east all the way to the Province of Ontario?
Yeah, in 2050 or so it should be done.
Lol 2050 lol
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06 Sep 2019 18:25

Mooner_37 wrote:
06 Sep 2019 00:26
I wonder how much km of roads the 1st release will be in total :D
You can probably work a rough estimate out by looking at the map on page one and comparing it to google maps
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06 Sep 2019 19:34

Looks like about 1200 km give or take.
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20 Sep 2019 03:37

OMG I may have to play ATS now! You need to add Vancouver Island though (wicked logging roads, ferry rides!)...
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