Development on version 1.x (British Columbia Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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22 Apr 2019 12:12

i really love promods there map is like a dream come true and all along we all thought it was a prank lol:) really funny the nothernalex is really happy:). and excited at that. c2c and Canada for that matter hmm i like certain bits of the map as in both i just wish they would not give us a half done map you know :) as in c2c and Canada the way when im talking about c2c and Canada dream im not talking about promods im talking about the mantrids map
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22 Apr 2019 13:10

Looking good ! But anyway finger crossed i wanna see ice roads in south parts of Canada in Promods that will be fun

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22 Apr 2019 14:11

vulchor wrote:
22 Apr 2019 04:34
So do we have any information as to what happened to the stuff that Stoked_Dude and Ivan were working on? Last I had heard Stoked_Dude was reworking his ProjectWest to turn it into Promods ATS after the rescale, and Ivan had released some screenshots of development that might be used later. Obviously you guys are taking a different approach now, but are these guys no longer active then and their work is now toast?
My work on SF is overthere, but since SCS is updating the base map everytime i stopped the development there. Now i have some work done on Canada, but is far from the current developed area and for now it isnt that big

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22 Apr 2019 15:45

IvanGF14 im loving what you guys at promods team are doing i soo very much. just wanted to say a massive thank you I'm really looking forward to the ats also ets2 2.40 map coming out for ets2 and also ats i think once Washington is released but yeah if you could tell the team or if they can see it yeah I'm real happy :)

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22 Apr 2019 17:00

Canada seems pretty good to add to ATS. Let's hope SCS doesn't add BC to ATS after they finish Washington state.

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22 Apr 2019 17:21

I think the SCS's priority would be first to finish all the United States, and then Canada.

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22 Apr 2019 21:25

I agree with EdgeGladiator on this.

And regarding Canada...
There is not even ice roads needed, if someone wants to travel long.

Vancouver BC to Tuktoyaktuk NT.
Google Maps. Backup.
Inuvik–Tuktoyaktuk Highway is the northest part of the trip.

Finally forums back up!
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22 Apr 2019 23:24

Things may have changed but I remember Pavel in an interview when ATS was released that the plan was to hopefully one day do all of the USA and then move on to Canada and/or Mexico.

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22 Apr 2019 23:47

I know this would technically be the northwest territories and not BC, but even so, imagine this beast of a road: ... inter_Road

Reminds me of the super challenge roads in Iceland.
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23 Apr 2019 01:04

Amazing News

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