Mods not showing?

Post here if you are having problems with ProMods in Multiplayer
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15 Oct 2019 19:06


I downloaded the Pro Mods (as per instructions) and moved the files to the Mod folder under Euro Truck Simulator in My Documents. The path is C:\Users\User\My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\Mod

I loaded the game (through Truckers MP) and Mods aren't showing. So, wondering if you had to place them in the C:\Users\User\My Documents\ETS2MP\Mod folder I tried that too.

Nope, still nothing!

I did, a few months ago, manage to get the Winter Mod by Grimes installed in ETS2 and ATS, but can't remember what I did to get it installed. Is it because I'm playing in MP? Can you not use Pro Mods in MP? I haven't tried without, I'll try that actually and come back in a little while to see if anyone replied :)

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15 Oct 2019 19:09

ProMods 2.41 is incompatible with Multiplayer, 2.42 will be which is not released yet.
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15 Oct 2019 19:13

Ah! Thanks, I'll try single player. Did I miss reading that on the downloads page? Apologies if so.
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16 Oct 2019 08:49

Just to add: TMP hasn't opened the ProMods servers yet.
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30 Oct 2019 02:50

What about with TruckersMP? Their server list says their ProMods server has more people than their standard servers?
I've wanted to play on it and I like above followed all instruction but it doesn't appear in my mods window.

How are all these other people playing? :/

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30 Oct 2019 06:33

There is no "mods window" when playing TMP, the TMP client loads the mods automatically
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