Can't go on the ProMods servers

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27 Oct 2019 01:06

Alright so, first of all, I want to excuse myself if I have posted this topic in the wrong category.

Alright so, I paid the fast download thing on the ProMods download link. I have followed the instructions to move the mods into that "mod" folder from the documents. I just downloaded and dragged everything in there. Now the problem is the following:

> When I head on TruckersMP, I try to go on ProMods I get the following error:
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Now I have done some research before even trying to reach up to you guys, I have went on this link:

If you scroll downwards at the 4th step, you can see a screenshot of the files. Thing is, I re-downloaded all the archives, having them twice in my PC. I cannot seem to find this file:
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Does anyone have a solution for me? Thank you anticipated!

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27 Oct 2019 10:48


you skipped Step 1 of the download process - you have to generate and download the def file yourself.

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27 Oct 2019 13:34

Thank you, that solved it.
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