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Multiple trucks - one goal

Posted: 14 Nov 2019 15:24
by anakia

First, i have no idea were to put this request.
If im wrong in any way, im sorry.

I love the Pro Mod part @ TruckersMP servers. But there is one flaw that is a big problem for me/us.
Before proMod when we went on convoys, external cargo was what we used to have a cargo transported from A too B.
But with ProMod, cargo market (With ownable trailer) is what we use. But getting cargo to the same city is damn near impossible, even for 2 persons.
And even then, i use cargo market, freight market, switch thru my different trailers, double's, b-doubles, curtain, slider, freezer etc. You get the point.
How are we supposed to do in ProMod to be able to get to the same destination?

Yours, Pontus_71

Re: Multiple trucks - one goal

Posted: 14 Nov 2019 18:11
by V√łytek
I think you can use Virtual Speditor to create the same job.