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Trafic managment

Posted: 17 Nov 2019 09:49
by Brulikrax
Greetings Team,

The new map is great, but some issues came to be that ruin the simulation experience in MP on the Death Road to and from the mine. In my personal opinion this strech of road requires some extra work, namely the following:
- less hidden rocks/bumps on the road sides. It's furstrating, especially at congested areas;
- a marker showig the outer road border (outside the dirt track, how far a truk may go without killing yourself);
- "STOP" signs before corners to teach people some restraint (downhill only);
- a poster at the "road entrance" sowing ho has way 1st. Something kids can understand;
- traffic ligths on the dam - both sides;
- less steep dirt exit before geting on the dam, coming from the mine. It requires unrealistic effort to be taken sucsesfully without taking the f7 option;
- a restriction to personal trailers, unles start/end delivery point is from/in the mine. Right now simulation is in quotes.
We, I mean players obeying the driving rules, would love to see some improvement in the next mod version.

Thank you for looking into this one. By the way, I could not find a suggestion tab, thus I post it as a missed things to make considering the fun factor / bug.

Brulikrax :D