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Cargo vs convoy vs city.....

Posted: 17 Nov 2019 23:15
by anakia
Hi all.

This might be right or it could be seriously wrong place for this subject.
But there is an issue that i consider to be very big in a way, and its getting a couple of friends from the trucking company for a convoy and finding cargo to the same location.
Back when we were driving on Sim 2 server, we only used external cargo. On mp/promod 1 server, external cargo is no option.
Its extremely rare for us to find a cargo for 3 players or more to the same city, and that's sad tbh. Or is it so that i have missed anything?
And this is the only thing i miss from the Sim server. The rest is great.

Re: Cargo vs convoy vs city.....

Posted: 18 Nov 2019 00:26
by ScuL
WoTr contracts simply don't work with map mods because we have changed companies and ferry crossing that are different than in the base game.
Apparently there are apps like Virtual Speditor that you can use to create the same jobs.

Re: Cargo vs convoy vs city.....

Posted: 18 Nov 2019 10:34
by anakia
i know wotr dont work. What i would like, is so that either we all see the same cargo to the same destinations OR more like Barcelona. Take a truck and a curtain slider trailer, and you'll have 18 pages off cargo to choose from. Go to Stockholm and you have 5 pages. In Barcelona the choices has very high chance of us getting a cargo to the same city or damn close near it. From Stockholm, 3 out of 4 has for an example cargo to Finland. The 4th has 0 cargo anywhere in Finland. My point is, is there a way to make it possible to pick up cargo for a entire company at one spot and deliver it to another without having the entire company delivering across all of Europe?

Re: Cargo vs convoy vs city.....

Posted: 18 Nov 2019 12:27
by Trucker2223
It's not possible to get the same Job, the Freight market is different for everyone, only with a Virtual Speditor Program you can create such Jobs. That Citys like Barcelona gives many similar Jobs is because the City is pretty large and there are many Companys inside it.