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Entering City Limits -> 60km/h

Posted: 18 Nov 2019 12:09
by anakia
Don't know if its the right place for this subject.
Don't know either if this is a ongoing project to optimize the so called city limits that makes us go 60km/h.
I don't have any problem going 60 in city, actually i would even see 50km/h in cities since some people manage to crash due to not being able to have control of the truck in 60. But that's another matter....

Here is my issue. Now i have taken cargo's from Barcelona in all directions. It doesnt matter if its a 3 lane motorway, the mechanics in the game says your inside city limit and then its 60km/h.
The specific problem in Barcelona is that the range of the city limit is HUGE. You just keep going and going and 60km/h limit never ends despite driving on a motorway.
And Barcelona isnt alone. Barcelona was the tipping point for me. The mechanics with the city limit isnt logical at all. When exiting a motorway and entering a city -> 60km/h, yes.
And the same when exiting the city. Another example, was passing Zaragoza after i left Barcelona (The motorway north of Zaragoza), and it was on a long 3 lane motorway and the signs said 110. And my speedometer said 60.
In Stockholm on the motorway, you have this small part of 3-400 meters that suddenly says inside city limit and 60km/h.

I know you are putting a lot of work for this mod. But since i feel that these city limits sometimes has been thrown out randomly since i cant find any logic when going in and out of the 60km/h areas in practically 95% of all cities in the mod.

//Yours, Pontus_71

Re: Entering City Limits -> 60km/h

Posted: 18 Nov 2019 14:14
by V√łytek
Unfortunately, it's not so easy to control which roads are affected by City areas. And most devs probably didn't pay attention to this aspect of gameplay. Also, there were no such reports in the past so we didn't focus on fixing such issues. It has to be improved indeed, but won't happen quickly. So give us some time for that.

Re: Entering City Limits -> 60km/h

Posted: 19 Nov 2019 01:53
by ScuL
When our mod was developed and city limits were defined the only reasonable parameter was that the player would get "City discovered" upon entering the city limits, the speed limit issue was never a problem before the introduction of MP.
As a consequence, we will need to go through every city limit zone in our map (and there are hundreds) and refine the city area boxes.