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Ets 2 mp prmods

Posted: 30 Nov 2019 12:45
by ionutz123456
hello although i bought all the dlc needed for promods when i activate it it tells me it is not compatible with the version although i have the correct version

Re: Ets 2 mp prmods

Posted: 30 Nov 2019 12:58
by V√łytek
So click on that "i" (info) icon and it'll tell you why it's incompatible.

Re: Ets 2 mp prmods

Posted: 03 Dec 2019 16:46
by ShawnCZek
Hello ionutz123456,

The Mod Manager is not supported by TruckersMP as we do not support community modifications. Therefore, if you can join the ProMods server, you do not have to do anything else as the multiplayer client automatically deals with it on its own.
In conclusion, it is a false positive error and you can safely ignore it when using TruckersMP.