Archieve 1 File Is Bust

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22 Dec 2019 02:18


I am a fellow user trying to get on the promods server 1 on TruckersMP, I am aware how to get onto the server, but I have downloaded all the files but every time I try and download the archieve 1 file it says it has gone corrupt and I can not get anything from inside of it, I can't extract it or anything, if someone would be so kind to fix this so that everyone else trying to download this and also hop on the promods servers, that would be very much appropriated!

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you have to download all 7 files, then you can start extracting.

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I waited for the files to be 100% downloaded and tried opening them, says the file may have gone corrupt. But it is only on the first promods file all the others work.

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Here is what comes up when I download it and wait for a bit and try and open it: ... nknown.png

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22 Dec 2019 17:25

This is because your downloaded file has the wrong name, remove the " (1)" from the filename. All archive parts need to have the same base name for extraction to work.

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22 Dec 2019 17:45

Ahh, thank you, now that has helped!

I am now able to go onto Promods servers!

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