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Stuck in the loading screen

Post here if you are having problems with ProMods in Multiplayer
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05 Apr 2020 19:57

as you can see my Problem is that im stuck in the Loading screen while trying to join Promods.
as my game.log Shows you can see that the Problem is connected to the def-data.
is reloaded the data but it didn´t work. i redownloaded all promods, created new prfils and so on.

i can´t imagine what the Problem is.

i hope anyone can help me.

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05 Apr 2020 20:00

Wait until the game is finished loading, first load may take up to 30 minutes since the game needs to build the navigation cache.
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05 Apr 2020 20:34

yeah i also tried that. i waited like 40min. so any other advice?

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05 Apr 2020 22:42

Not really. It should work after waiting some time or it's just time to invest into some new hardware.
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07 Apr 2020 18:45

so i tried it again and waited over 1h and it finally worked.

thanks for your help. and hopefully there won´t be another problem

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