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TMP Quicksave loading problem with ME enabled

Post here if you are having problems with ProMods in Multiplayer
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10 Apr 2020 19:23


Ich habe folgendes Problem mit dem Middle East Addon.
Seit dem die ProMods und das Middle East Addon gestern veröffentlich wurde, habe ich seit dem es auch im Truckers MP ist, echte Probleme beim neu laden meines Profils des Schnell lade Punktes. Mein Spiel braucht drei mal solange mit dem Laden als bei der Version 2.43. Das heißt das auch kurzzeitig keine Rückmeldung vom Spiel kommt. Ich habe heute die Zeit einmal gestoppt und bin zu dem Ergebnis gekommen, dass ich bei der 2.43 nur ein paar Sekunden gebraucht habe zum neu laden meines Spielstandes (mit Middle East Addon) was hingegen zur 2.45 auf einmal 4.30 min gedauert hat. Ich habe auch die ProMods und das Middle East im Singleplayer ausprobiert und da besteht genau das selbe Problem. Erst nachdem ich das Middle East Addon raus genommen habe hat das Spiel wieder schneller den Schnell lade Punkt geladen. Haben sie ein Vorschlag woran es liegen könnte?

Diese Probleme hatte ich bei der 2.43 mit dem Middle East Addon nicht gehabt.

Vielen Dank


I have the following problem with the Middle East Addon.
 Since the ProMods and the Middle East Addon were released yesterday, since then it has also been in Truckers MP, I have had real problems reloading my profile of the quick load point. My game takes three times as long to load as with version 2.43. This means that there is no feedback from the game for a short time. I stopped the time once today and came to the conclusion that it only took me a few seconds to reload my game at 2.43 (with Middle East Addon), which on the other hand took 4.45 minutes at 2.45. I also tried the ProMods and the Middle East in single player and there is exactly the same problem. Only after I removed the Middle East addon did the game load the quick load point again faster. Do you have a suggestion why?

 I hadn't had these problems with the 2.43 with the Middle East Addon.

Thank you
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11 Apr 2020 13:58

Beautiful good day,
Unfortunately I have a problem on the Promods server, every time I do a quick save and then want to load it, the game freezes for more than 5 minutes and then I get an error (Unreliable Connection) because it took too long to load the quick save.
The funny thing is if I deactivate the Middle East add-on then it works strangely, then the quick save will be loaded in a few seconds.
But that just doesn't make sense and purpose of simply deactivating the Middle East. Many of my friends have exactly the same problem.
In Promods version 2.43, this problem did not exist in both single and multiplayer.
I hope that a solution can be found

Yours sincerely

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12 Apr 2020 01:27

We have multiple reports of this issue on our Discord, we don't know what the reason is but we will try to investigate it.
If loading times become very long it means that the game is rebuilding the navigation cache
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16 Apr 2020 08:15

Good day,
I wanted to ask if there is already a solution for this problem?
Because even after updating TruckersMP the problem still exists.

Many greetings

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16 Apr 2020 11:38

Don't load any quicksaves when you already in your Profile via the save/load function. Instead when you Need to reload, quit the game and load your Profile from the Profile selection.
That's the only fix for that issue right now.
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16 Apr 2020 20:45

Hello. Problem in generation .NAVCACHE (if used Middle East).
Middle East installed.
Game loaded in Promods MP and I closed game.
Set attributes Only read for directory cache and file ***.NAVCACHE
Run game, very long loaded Promods and …. game loaded, quicksave working currectly.

For some reason the cache is updated every time you save, that's the problem.
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