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Please note that TruckersMP (multi-player) is still on game version 1.36 / ProMods 2.45

promods-def-v245 (1)? Is there a duplicate?

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11 Apr 2020 19:53

I downloaded Promods 2.45 and it works completely fine, I found out that promods 2.45 TruckersMP is released and when I triedto play it the text says MOD's not found, all mods are incompatible in MOD manager on TruckersMP but on singleplayer it works fine. I found this forum explaining to someone else that the DEF file was named wrong and he need to download it again: ... ork-in-mp/ I tried renaming the DEF and Promods MP loaded but was stuck on the loading screen, after waiting for 11 minutes I gave up. On single player it says DEF is incompatible so I deleted it (It's still in recycling bin I can restore it) I tried downloading DEF many times again and it shows promods-def-v245 (1), 2 , 3 and other variation of numbers, it still says DEF is incompatible, while all other files work. After searching my PC for any other duplicate DEF files I couldn't find any, and no matter what when I download I keep getting (1) at the end which won't make MP work. Should I delete all files and start all over again? I need to know why I keep getting (1) at the end of the file name, they are all SCS files but none of the files have .scs on the end of the file name if that helps. I am by no means an expert, this is the first promods edition I downloaded, I just want to play Promods 2.45 on TruckersMP and I would appreciate the help.

Edit: The problem has been resolved, I downloaded on Microsoft Edge and the download automatically turned partial that had no number next to it, I tried with Google Chrome and redownloaded all promods files and TruckersMP works now!
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12 Apr 2020 03:09

If the def file is listed as incompatible but the other files are compatible then you may have selected Special Transport DLC compatibility without actually owning that DLC.
In some browsers, downloading files multiple times means that the def file will receive a (1) or (2) duplicate marker in the filename.
When loading those files in TMP, the client won't be able to detect the correct filename and bump you out.
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