My ProMods has texture glitches

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19 Feb 2019 00:33

I believe so
Mapping... somewhere

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19 Feb 2019 20:12

One question. Does bug with pink textures solved in PM 2.33 ? (still playing on downgraded 1.33 ets)

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19 Feb 2019 20:22

No. 4 forum spammer

No Support via PM!!

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25 May 2019 18:03

Sorry but not for me ...
And I am playing Promods 2.4 under ETS2 1.34xx :-(

I am pretty sure it is a bug due to a mod conflict but I am not able to undrstand my gamelog so I can not find which mod makes troubles ...

If someone of you has an heart to help me , here is my gamelog (to download) : ... 377878.txt

warmest regards guys ;-)

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Rudi Raser
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25 May 2019 18:13

please upload your gamelog at

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25 May 2019 18:53

Problem solve by myself ...

No pastebin , NEVER .... I am tired of it .

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25 May 2019 18:55


Your loading a LOT of other mods.
Please try only with Promods and then add step by step.

Whats the problem with

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