Other mods that WILL NOT work with our map pack

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06 Nov 2013 05:12

Do all TSM mods not work, or just the map? I'm looking at downloading a trailer mod from TSM and would like to know if it'll work...

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06 Nov 2013 09:07

No idea but the map definitely doesn't work
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06 Nov 2013 16:18

I just went ahead and tried the mod. It's the container trailer mod, and I can confirm it DOES work... So I guess we can throw that one into the other thread.

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01 Dec 2013 10:51

Speaking of trailer mods, I tried installing this trailer livery mod some time ago, yet none of the liveries showed up. I don't know why, though. :?
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15 Dec 2013 10:59

Would it be safe to install going east or should I leave it and wait until you guys do work in the east

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15 Dec 2013 11:50

I don't see any reason not to install it.
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15 Dec 2013 17:42

abasstreppas wrote:panel_transporter_roadhunter-man120 will not work as you get stuck on some of the ferry-ramps. The trailer is too long and low and the length also get you in trouble in the small roundabouts
I have the same problem with KVN trailer at hirtshals East ferry-ramp! Is there a solution? I managed to pass by uncoupling and hitching the trailer several times but it's not very realistic^^

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17 Dec 2013 20:28

The "solution" is to not try to use over-length trailers... ;)
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25 Dec 2013 14:16

A little note: MandelSoft's Minor Mod Pack v0.1 is updated and incorporated in the ProMods Map v1.50 and the old pack is therefore obsolete. The old pack can cause invisible walls, especially on the BAB24 in Germany.
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25 Dec 2013 14:44

Thanks for the note about that and of course a big thanks for the general update :D

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