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16 Aug 2016 23:11

I can tell, I didn't give up! I barely managed to straighten it out and back it up for a new attempt, and after like 7 tries, I made it :mrgreen:

But I must say, having 25t load didn't exactly help either!

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16 Aug 2016 23:16

I had 24t load, that's why it was very hard one ;)
I was trying 5-6 times for sure, maybe 7 like you but I finally did it so I didn't report it to be changed and the challenge is still there for you all.
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16 Aug 2016 23:42

I got a trailer from the Kirkenes quarry to Nikel OK but it was one of the two-axle tipper jobs. I'm not sure I'd like to try with anything longer.
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17 Aug 2016 00:14

Stuferus wrote:real nice work as always.. cant wait for the hotfix so this gets drivable ;)
There are only 4 real game breaking areas in the map. I don't see why the map is not drivable in its current state.
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20 Aug 2016 04:04

I cannot say anymore than I have been awesomed out, yes no such word but my mind is blown by how fantastic PMs is and just the progression including serious detail prevents my mouth and brain from working.
As I drive along heading North I am taken in by the surroundings and amazing changes in the countryside. Never a dull moment!

The first place I wanted to drive to was based on my experience of being a very keen Motorcyclist (I'm an Ex UK National and Parts of Europe Motorbike Courier with a few million miles at least on 2 wheels) I wanted to visit the Isle Of Man, I would love to have the full TT Course in PMs but unless I did it or someone with a keen mapping ability and a want to drive the TT Course, It wont happen so I'm happy enough to be dropping in to the IOM now and again in PMs and keeping my TT visits going in RL.
I made this my starting point for my journey up to Longyearbyen, after hearing about this place and reading a post in the forums about a Driver who had set a challenge to drive upto Longyearbyen in 5 days I decided to head there via wherever the loads took me North.
What a journey! I am always amazed at what has been done in PMs but I am overawed with the new update and I've only seen a small % of the update!
Such detail in every 1/4 mile, I'm just waffling on but you get my view of how much I Love PMs and want it's babies!!








My apologies for not having links in order but as it is after 4 am here and had little sleep due to constant driving (I'm a long way beyond my legal driving hours) I've taken a brain fart! :mrgreen:

PS Not sure if my pics are view able being so big, I've had to come out of triple screen mode so the pics look ok.
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20 Aug 2016 04:57

@Snowleopard dat PC! I want it :shock:

And is that road sign real or photoshopped? :D

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20 Aug 2016 05:53

That's a real sign on the ProMods map at the least. :P
I don't know if it exists in real life though.

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20 Aug 2016 07:41

Sure it does. :P
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22 Aug 2016 12:27

I encountered a bug when unloading in Rezekne (LV). When I hit the button to skip parking it just attaches the trailer back and pops again the same message. Is there any workaround for this? Sorry if it has been posted already.

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22 Aug 2016 12:52

Please report bugs in the appropriate forum. Don't forget to add your game.log.
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