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08 Aug 2016 15:24

I think everyone on this forum is excited. Even so 2 parts are not added what's the big deal about it? I can still enjoy the other 49 cities which are added....

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08 Aug 2016 16:04

I wanted to tell to Michieten that we have got a lot of area to have fun with our favourite trucks. So you shouldn't complain about the rest things. You should be happy about that we will get this great map for free and you should respect the developers work what they done and also respect the time what they spend before the editor to make everything cool.
Personally I really wait for this new version, because of our motherland, Barrents sea extension, Finnland, Euromir and I am curious about Spain.
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Tima Tima
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08 Aug 2016 16:44

When is ready 2.1? Next Week or 5 days
So I want know.
Promods 2.1 is very good.

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08 Aug 2016 16:49

When it's ready ;)
Wenn es fertig ist ;)
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08 Aug 2016 16:54

Tima Tima wrote:When is ready 2.1? Next Week or 5 days
So I want know.
Promods 2.1 is very good.
Ready when it is ready. :)

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08 Aug 2016 17:27

Personally, I'm more excited for the London rebuild in 2.x, but I will say that this is quite good as well, considering how much of the Baltics, Finland, Russia and the Barents we get. Not to mention the Benelux project is (almost) done with a good chunk of the Autobahn being rebuilt as well. And of course, Barcelona!
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08 Aug 2016 17:33

Tima Tima wrote:When is ready 2.1? Next Week or 5 days
So I want know.
Promods 2.1 is very good.
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08 Aug 2016 20:44

Michieten88 wrote:that's a pity , I will put ETS in stand-by for a few months , not satisfied for the moment
Well, about your opinion, after all your SCS-bashing posts and unrealistic "demands" towards us and SCS...


Seriously we (re)built Barcelona, Nürnberg, Bilbao, Brussels, Murmansk and København along with four dozen other cities. But noooooo, that's not enough for you sir. All you cared about is London and Wien.

So you want to quit ETS2? Fine, there is the door. Can you find your way out or do I have to escort you out?
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08 Aug 2016 21:00

I'm sorry for creating such a big mess , about my complains
I liked ur stuff and i will shut up

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08 Aug 2016 21:04

It's your choice. You can say that you quit but it won't work like a magic charm - nobody will suddenly finish everything to make you happy. That's not how it works and you should know it.
Do it yourself, I can't understand why all of you guys want something to be done but won't do anything about it, only complain ;)
I want better Poznań in game - I work on it myself. I encourage you to do the same.
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