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09 Jan 2014 20:03

I never had severe problems with roundabouts. Roundabouts have a traffic calming function. If you got the problems you're pointing out, you're obviously driving too fast.
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09 Jan 2014 20:04

The single lane roundabouts are an extra challenge, there are plenty of these in real cities too :)
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09 Jan 2014 20:43

For example in Finland those single lane roundabouts are common, those dual lane roundabouts are actually very rare in here.
In game u have trucks like this, ... 1-orig.jpg
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those trucks used in Finland are way longer, and its rare to see trucks to go over those middles of roundabouts..

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09 Jan 2014 22:36

If you drive at the very edge of the pavement, your trailer's wheels will not hit the inside curb. You really need to go slow too!
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11 Jan 2014 01:57

And if u have some trailermods, that makes trailers longer, then they will go on those middles of roundabouts, but with stock legnth of trailers, its not a problem to drive on them!

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11 Jan 2014 08:04

:lol: next time i could say mine is oversized i show you :lol:

driving very slow and as n4gix sayd use the place you have and veryyyy slow driving
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12 Jan 2014 20:06

Like Zees said, in Sweden and Finland 24 meters and 25,25 meters combinations are more common than these Dragster+Semi-trailer (18-19m). Single roundabouts are very common here and Dual can be find in bigger cities etc Växjö-Göteborg- Stockholm.
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