001 FILES??

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19 May 2016 16:20

It's better to post here, as others can try to help too.

You downloaded files .001-.006, right?
Can we see a screenshot of a folder with all 6 parts?
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19 May 2016 16:33

JamieBuchan2000 wrote:could you PM me and help me, im new and cant work out what is wrong, pleaseeee?
We are not going to help you via PM. That's not how this works. We have a forum so everybody can help you and everybody can learn a thing or two.
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22 May 2016 13:52

what i get is "the archive is corrupt" when i try to unpack it with 7zip
idk what to do and i really wanna play it

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22 May 2016 14:08

Do you have the latest version installed?
Are you trying to unpack the paid or free version? In case of the free version, what does the file checker say?
What are the file sizes?
Please place a screenshot of the contents of your folder
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07 Feb 2020 12:42

hey. 1st time ive seen my issue. maybe u can help.. I've done this every time promods updates but this time file 001 when I unzip I only have one file inside. No map/media /model 1 2 3. re downloaded it and still just one file inside zipped 001

Any advice

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07 Feb 2020 12:57

You have to download all the 7 files before trying to extract. And even before extracting, make sure you do have ALL seven files in the same folder, otherwise you may get funky errors and possibly corrupt some of the files.

Please be aware that our own server allows only 2 concurrent downloads with maximum download speed of 300kb/s.
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