Too much resistance in the snow.

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15 Aug 2016 23:37


I was driving on Iceland, with a 18t load. I kept a steady speed of 60km/h, until I hit the snow. It dropped to 40, and stayed there. Even on flat ground I was not able to accelerate due to the snow. Even on a downhill, I was barely able to reach 70, on a slope I would easily been able to hit 90 on if it was not for the snow.

Another problem I has, was that I had to slow down due to a sharp turn, in an uphill slope. I slowed the truck down so it was barely stopped (a bit of a mistake), but then I could not move. The tyres did not get grip. I did fix this by switching to manual for that slope, because the automatic would not work because the RPM was too low for 1st gear. But even then the truck struggled itself up the slope, because of the snow. There is just too much resistance in it. It's barely possible to drive on it. Snow is not that hard to drive on. If you go from a road with no snow, and onto snow, the car/truck does not slow down 20 km/h because of it. You keep the same speed ...

I hope this will be fixed in an update in the near future, because as it is now it's just frustrating. The mod would be perfect if it was not for this issue.

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16 Aug 2016 00:18

To be honnest, i never drove a truck, and i never drove on a large amount of fresh snow. I drove on icy snow every winter since 2002, except the last 2 winters (climatic changes). The rendition in the game give me the feeling to drive on mud rather than snow. Unfortunately, i don't think the physics engine is suppose to render icy conditions.

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16 Aug 2016 01:50

I have also been annoyed by the same problem.. In the snow it just doesn't go any faster than 40 kph. To get up the hills there with my 25t load, I had to use manual gears and really give it some hard pounding, and the fuel consumption went like crazy, I went from like 75% fuel tank to 0%, all gone only on that snowy part on the way up to Akureyri.

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19 Aug 2016 21:10

Yeah. The automatic gearbox derped out in 1st gear, and constantly stalled because the tyres did not get trackion. I had to switch to manual to get up the hill, and even then it was a stuggle. That's not how snow works. That's like driving on wet concrete.

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19 Aug 2016 21:29

It kind of depends on weather its fresh snow or one that has been traveled and compacted. Fresh snow will probably offer some extra resistance though against an 18 wheeler is probably very minimal. Compacted snow will tend to ride much faster than you would expect, as there is no longer any air between the flakes it acts more like ice making your truck accelerate as the friction is very low.
I would agree with you though that the snow acts more like traveling through sand than it should. Consumes way to much fuel with the extra resistance. I'm not sure if that will be changed by the devs or not though.

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19 Aug 2016 23:25

There are limits as to what the physics engine can do. What we have configured at the moment is the best possible setting for snow.
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