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20 Aug 2017 18:02

I tried to use your adfly download service and a malicious site locked my browser and demanded money to unlock it. I did get one of the 7 files downloaded. It was the second file that it locked on.

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20 Aug 2017 18:19


AdFly is not from ProMods, it is a service ProMods (and many other sites) using it.
I think that was not serious, this was just advertising - so just ignore it.

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21 Aug 2017 05:31

Every ad shown there is based on what you've been browsing lately.
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21 Aug 2017 13:27

Why you don't have antivirus?
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22 Aug 2017 18:54

Adfly works fine with multiple adblocks on. google browser has issues all around lately, use Firefox or Opera.

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22 Aug 2017 20:20

Don't know what you're talking about, I don't have any issues with Google Chrome whatsoever... (with the free nor the paid download) ;)
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22 Aug 2017 22:16

I'm not sure why, but some users prefer not to install more powerful and user-friendly antiviral solutions, I've been using Panda Global Protection for years now, not one single infected file on Adfly, sure some ads were annoying to say the least, but never infected. Can't say for some other users who generally ignore the rule that safe and protected internet is better than a mine field ready to blow any time of day. Metaphore aside, that's the truth. I do feel sorry for those users, but there are fewer than many.

So if malware was present, the antivirus or internet security would've been kind enough to have gotten rid of it or blocked access to the page in question.

As far as Google Chrome or other products under the same roof are concerned, they really need to stop being so arogant and start fixing issues, Android OS, looking at you. 8-)

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23 Aug 2017 13:46

All antivirus software can stop ~70-90% at best of harmful clicks, so why don't you stop as many as you can with browser addons?
And people should ask Chinese or north Korean how safe and protected internet feels...

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24 Aug 2017 15:02

I was just looking on here for this very reason, I block ad-ware and then AdFly serves a popup that's like 'please click here to support us as you're using an ad blocker'.
So me being 'well fine, people get money for it' so I clicked it.
Promods really needs to stop using dodgy hosting and redirection sites. It doesn't matter that 'promods doesn't own/host adfly', if it's malicious you should not keep using it.
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24 Aug 2017 17:12

I don't think Adfly adds malware, Microsoft and google do. All servers can be hacked like NASA and FBI, so why don't you use adblocks with antivirus software on sites you don't trust.

If you know file hoster that can hold 1,6GB files and allows few 100000 downloaders at same day, don't show shady ads and is free to PM team, please do succest.

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