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07 Jul 2019 09:40

Hello, can somone help me find out why promods doesn't work for me, my game version is

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07 Jul 2019 09:44

How are we supposed to help, when you don't describe your problem you have and not posting your game.log when the game is crashing?
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07 Jul 2019 10:05

well when I turn on my mod spread sheet ingame it says that the mod is incompatible with version of the game

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07 Jul 2019 10:12


press the "i" Icon - it will tell you what you are missing.
Maybe you are missing one of the map DLC's.

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12 Jul 2019 12:13

Hi all,

Paid for Promods a few years ago, and I want to buy the latest full pack. Just wondering if I would be able to keep downloading the premium packs at no extra cost? As the mod is updated very often.

Thanks in advance!

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12 Jul 2019 12:20


No, you can only download once.
I believe there is a small window where you can resume/retry the download, but that is probably limited to an hour or so.

Also every version has a different sku, and even if you were able to re-download, then you would only be allowed to download the version you paid for..
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12 Jul 2019 12:48

You pay for the download service, i.e. for a single high-capacity high-speed single-part download, not for the mod itself, which is free.
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