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[Central] Paid download questions

Ask questions about the mod here. If useful they will be added to the Q&A / Development updates.
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06 Apr 2020 15:28

Yeah , i have Paid 1$ , from Account it get this 1$ , and i didnt recived any link ... Yupi ...

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Rudi Raser
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06 Apr 2020 15:33

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09 Apr 2020 15:15

I purchased the previous version of the mod when it came out and I noticed that I got charged twice.

What's the deal with that?

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10 Apr 2020 02:32

This shouldn't happen unless you accidentally clicked and purchased it twice. Please provide the transaction numbers if you want me to check it out
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10 Apr 2020 15:15

Please, add option do download also Cabin Accessories Pack by paid version download ...

Each new version was 2 EUR donation for me and that is OK - you are making great work. Now there is new file/add-on Midle-East... then for donators it is 25% higher donation after each update. Please, check if it is not possible to add file Cabin Accesories to the paid ling of Trailers and Company Pack. I believe this month or beginning of May there will be next small update (no big changes in front of maps as far as I understand) - that means next payment. Do not take me wrong, I clearly understand that this is donation not payment but please - think about the situation. Thanks in advance

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10 Apr 2020 15:27

I'm not sure if I understand you.

First you say that you'd like a paid link for CAP (which means you'll have to pay more), but later you state we ask for too much money if you want to buy all paid downloads.
(keep in mind most of it goes to the service, not to us)

Keep in mind CAP is a 877KB file. Who will pay for that? It would cost 0.01EUR :lol: Using the free download, you can get it within a second, so there's no point in offering a paid link for such a tiny file.

And we won't add CAP to TCP, because not all players may want both addons. Everybody has a choice ;)
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10 Apr 2020 16:42

tried to down load the V2.45 through PayPal only to find that my credit card did not have the "International" option, but may son's (Joshua Owrey) did. Paid him the $1.14 US and proceeded with the single file download option after first getting the "def" file created. After downloading the files and running the "TEST" file program it reported that the files were bad. This morning I'm trying to download each file one at a time and test as we go. Needless to say this is going to take up some time. Suggestions are welcome.... Bob

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10 Apr 2020 16:54

File tester only works with the free download option.
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11 Apr 2020 13:40

Pay this version fast download to can't download it fast because the email don't arrive, and pay it later, and the next version, and the next too, continue paying Promods...

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Rudi Raser
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11 Apr 2020 13:42

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