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12 Jul 2019 12:20


No, you can only download once.
I believe there is a small window where you can resume/retry the download, but that is probably limited to an hour or so.

Also every version has a different sku, and even if you were able to re-download, then you would only be allowed to download the version you paid for..
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12 Jul 2019 12:48

You pay for the download service, i.e. for a single high-capacity high-speed single-part download, not for the mod itself, which is free.
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18 Jul 2019 21:38

I paid for the download on Sunday and haven't received a download link - the links have come through instantly every other time I've purchased. I've tried using the order lookup on PayLoadz and can see all my previous orders but not this one. I've emailed PayLoadz and they have advised to contact ProMods, which I have but the delivery failed when using the [email protected] email, so posting here to see if I can get it resolved. Funds have left my account.

Can someone investigate?

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20 Jul 2019 23:54

I will look into this tomorrow for you
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23 Jul 2019 15:05

bennyx_o, if you got the order confirmation page, there is a link to the download.
And that 1 works for atleast some days, up to almost a week.

Altho, I have seen 1 user that never got that order confirmation page. That user did get help.

This is a screen cap on how the order confirmation/summary and download page looks like.
If this page does not come after payment is done, then there might be trouble.
Order confirmation + download link page.
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25 Jul 2019 10:42

As I said in a email I wrote to you about ProMods I have bought on Sunday morning.
I have been playing Euro truck simulator 2 for about 5years now. I have heard of ProMods and I did try to download ProMods before but it failed.
Sunday morning I bought ProMods 2.41 as I'm playing Euro truck simulator 2 1.35.17 .
After waiting a long time for ProMods to download I followed the instructions but it failed and message I received why it failed was the files were corrupted or unsupported.
Being really disappointed I deleted everything but still have the mail with link to download ProMods. I think I might have made the mistake by not downloading ProMods link in the mail but did it through ProMods itself.
Link has expired and have requested if it can be sent again try to download it again.
I'm asking for some assistance and if it means I need to buy ProMods again just inform me and I guess that leaves me with no choice but to by it again. Was a very disappointed experience for me.

Kind regards.

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25 Jul 2019 11:30

make sure that your Archiver is up to date, otherwise it wont work. But if you don't have the arcive anymore, and your link expired, you Need to buy a new fast download, or use the free download method.
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25 Jul 2019 22:35

We compress our files in the latest version of LZMA (7z) which can only be read with the newest versions of 7-zip (recommended) and WinRAR. If the paid download cannot be opened even with the latest versions of those programs then in the worst case your download has corrupted whilst being fetched. This could be caused by unstable internet connections / WiFi etc... or potentially a firewall/anti-virus program that has meddled with the data before writing it to the hard drive. Unfortunately nothing can be done to fix this other than downloading it again. You should be able to use the premium service at least twice.
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12 Aug 2019 16:26

Hi, I have a problem, I paid 1 € and when I press download link download starts but in progress of download it looks like that download didn't start.

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19 Aug 2019 18:15

Please try to re-open the link with a different browser
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