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05 Jan 2018 19:52

Every time I click on the 2.25 Multipack mod it sends me to add fly, I click on "skip ad" and then I get the text "Access Denied"

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05 Jan 2018 20:01

The download server is currently down. It will be back up ASAP.
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05 Jan 2018 21:51

Hello, i have a problem as well. I don't have last ETS2 DLC (Italy) so i had to download Promods v 2.20 and downgrade ETS 2 to v 1.28. But now i can't download def file for this mod. The one you can generate in the 'download' tab is for the latest version and the one for the version 2.20 in the 'compatibility' tab isn't working. It always says access denied. I saw some threads about this topic, so i tried 3 different browsers, no adblocks etc. but nothing works. I can only skip ad, but only "access denied" afterwards. Can anybody share .def file for promods v 2.20? I want all default settings, no Rusmap. Thanks in advance :)

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05 Jan 2018 22:02

ProMods 2.25 works perfectly fine with or without DLC Italia. So there's no need to downgrade to ETS2 1.28 because of not owning DLC Italia.
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05 Jan 2018 22:11

Nathan_A_RF wrote:
05 Jan 2018 20:01
The download server is currently down. It will be back up ASAP.
Is it possible to get a estimated time of when it will be back up?

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06 Jan 2018 05:40

So just an update.

I'm on holiday, in a totally different part of the world. The internet here is rubbish and I've been unable to log into my VPN in order to check things out. The servers themselves are online but it looks like the provider did some patching for the latest Intel exploit without telling me and thus, I'm needing to fix some things.

Due to the security of our platform I don't have access unless if I can successfully find an internet connection that can connect to my VPN to fix it. Afraid mobile internet is even really bad over here.

Just a hint. I'm currently at Disneyland and am posting this while waiting in line. It was torture even attempting to load the page to post this.

So to everyone. Stop messaging me, stop asking for ETA's as I'm just going to enjoy my much deserved holiday. Once I find a reliable internet connection I'll check things out but at the moment, it is a free service with no uptime guarantees and the paid option is still running. No, we are not trying to steer people towards the paid download even though the developers deserve a contribution for their work.

So sorry for the inconvenience, I'll get back to enjoying my holiday and will post when I've managed to check things out which should hopefully be later on tonight.

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06 Jan 2018 09:27

Have been facing the same "Access Denied" issue for the past 3 days. I've also observed the "Free download server load: 0% ()" screen too. I've tried different browsers (even default IE), no extensions used, no download accelerators ever used, Incognito mode and what not. Heck, I even tried downloading it on my phone to transfer it later on, but that didn't work either shoving me back to Access Denied screen.
Then I decided to try out the paid version, then encountered some issue from the PayPal servers. So in effect, i have no clue what to do next, and V1.30 is already here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)

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06 Jan 2018 09:35

Have patience, we can't fix it at the moment
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06 Jan 2018 12:28

d4rK7 wrote:
05 Jan 2018 12:09
Hi, i have a problem with free download of the current version. I've disable adblock in my firefox and download first 2 parts without any problems. When wanted to start the next parts 3 and 4 i got this:

I've also tried to download by pure microsoft edge and create new account and I'am keep getting the same message. Can some one help me ?
Free download server is down for now.....
I had the same problem,but i hope they will fix it soon. Until then , we wait :cry: :cry:

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06 Jan 2018 13:17

I would pay that dollar if I had an option to pay with my credit card, not with paypal.

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