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05 Jul 2019 21:24

Good Evening.

I wanted to ask, where can I look to make sure that I'm not using a download accelerator? I have disabled any and all extensions that I have installed, but I still receive the message that I have reached my connection limit, even thought I just selected the first file archive.

If it's not that, should I rather wait a bit longer until the server load has lessened a bit more?

I don't want to make an unnecessary mistake that could lead me to a temporary ban.

Thanks for any advice.

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05 Jul 2019 23:48

Are you perhaps using a shared or mobile internet connection? (You could have the risk that someone with the same IP address is also downloading)
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06 Jul 2019 09:55

I currently use fiber optic internet at home.

Tried earlier this morning when the sever load was at about 50% and it downloaded just fine, although at one archive file at a time.

I'm trying to download now, but the server load is at 85% or so and it's giving me the error again. I must just try again when the server load is much lower, which would either be much later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Patience is key and I'm sure it will be worth the wait in the end.

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06 Jul 2019 21:34

I've already downloaded the main pack and the TCP from the paid download servers, but there is no pay server for the CAP that I can see. So I'm trying to use the free download server for that, but I keep getting the message saying that I have too many connections and can't download. I'm at home, not using a shared or mobile IP. I do not have any download accelerators installed, I'm using FireFox, and I have my adblocker disabled. I'm at a loss as to what I'm doing wrong. Can't you guys offer the CAP with a paid download like you do TCP?

edit: I finally was able to successfully download CAP, I had to disable tracking protection in Firefox. This doesn't seem like a very legit solution, though.

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07 Jul 2019 09:51

I Have been trying to download the last two parts of the mod since Saturday 6 June and all I am getting is the error Sorry Access Denied Connection limit exceeded.

Been attempting to download with Microsoft Edge, Internet explore and Firefox no matter what browser I use I get Sorry Access Denied Connection limit exceeded.

I don't have any downloads running from ProMods Website, don't have any download managers or accelerators installed, my anti-virus and firewall are both disabled when trying to download the mod.

Please could someone help me with this problem

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07 Jul 2019 10:13


have a look here:

Best regards,
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07 Jul 2019 10:40

Hi @bmwGTR I have read that this morning and it didn't help me is there anything else that could be preventinf me from downloading the remaining parts of the mod

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07 Jul 2019 10:58

Sorry! Access Denied
Connection limit exceeded!
Hello I have the same problem and I do not understand why because since yesterday I could only download 3 files on all those of the promods and I have no other files downloads or download managers and my anti virus break me no problem.
Thanks for your help

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07 Jul 2019 11:48

Hi , im trying to download the game mod from the download page (setup.php) and it say that I'm limited , and I didn't downloaded nothing

I need help

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07 Jul 2019 11:56

Try logging off and logging back in. That worked for me.

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