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26 Oct 2019 14:55

hi im new i just download pro mods but i dont have a file opener it keeps opening up on samsung smart hub i need help anyone please

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26 Oct 2019 16:16

I have downloaded the first 3 files earlier today, but can't get to the rest. I'm being redirected every single time to the access denied page, even after waiting about 10 minutes between the 3 successfull downloads. Tried Firefox, Chrome and Edge, cleaned the cache and cookies on each browser. Just now tried again and it's the same thing after a few hours have passed.

Also would like to point out that sometimes I get the same blank login page as Suricatooo_
Suricatooo_ wrote:
22 Oct 2019 17:33

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26 Oct 2019 17:39

I'm having the same problem, not running any downloads, disabled antivirus, cleaned this, cleaned that, tried Firefox, Edge, Chrome, restarted my PC, nothing works..

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26 Oct 2019 17:44

I had the same problems. Used two different browsers in the end. Chrome still telling me I'm maxed out yet Vivaldi fine.

promods-v242.7z001.scs file seems to be missing from the very first zip file too, I downloaded all files and ran the test and it told me it's missing. So I'm redownloading it now. I've got files 2 through 7, but 1 is missing?

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28 Oct 2019 10:11

My download either says access denied or it gives an error in the middle of the download. Tried with chrome, opera, and edge. I turned off all the adblocks and antiviruses but there's no effect. I also restarted my computer and tried without sharing connection. Because of the tiredness, I tried paid download, but your system uses PayPal which blocks Turkish users to pay. It feels like there's no way to download this mod.

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28 Oct 2019 20:50

when i download "Download v2.27 Part 1" there is an error "archive broken"( idk how to translate it properly into english )and i dont have any files inside every time i try to enter it "archive broken" pls help

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28 Oct 2019 23:36

Is the free download safe nowadays? I remember some malware ads before?

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I can't use PayPal to bypass the free download sadly.

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29 Oct 2019 01:46

my freinds i have a issue, i has tryung to download the files and every timr that i try ask me ti close the addblocks, the same addblocjs that i disable before the all operation, can someone help me???

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29 Oct 2019 09:02


you have to download all 7 parts (and all 7 parts have to be in the same folder), then you can start extracting.

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29 Oct 2019 09:08

Vantezzle wrote:
29 Oct 2019 00:13
Is the free download safe nowadays? I remember some malware ads before?

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I can't use PayPal to bypass the free download sadly.
The free download was always safe, if your Virus scanner complained about something it was most likely a false Alarm.
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