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Can't download at all!

Posted: 22 Dec 2019 14:12
by LubaCZ4
Hello, I'm kinda sad because I just can't get the free download to work. I always get the "Connection limit exceeded!" error. My IP address is mine, I'm not under a NAT from my ISP, so there is no way anyone else is downloading from this IP.
Few weeks ago (when they added ProMods to TMP) I wanted to download it and also got this error, so I just bought the paid download for 1€ and didn't care. Now I'd like to get the newer version, but you want me to pay again... I won't. But the free download just isn't working. Is this a way to force me to pay?
Thank you

Re: [Central] Free download questions

Posted: 23 Dec 2019 01:09
by ScuL
It's not a way to force people to pay as thousands of people are using the free download successfully. There must be something set up in your configuration which is causing your system to open the links more than once... Please check your AV/firewall and rotate different browsers, also clear cookies.

Why the mod pack 1 is not working?

Posted: 25 Dec 2019 17:27
by Alex Montalvo
Hello , I have a question, when i finished download the mod pack 1 i enter to extract and there isnt nothing in the pack, can someone help me please!

Re: [Central] Free download questions

Posted: 25 Dec 2019 17:29
by Trucker2223
You need to download all parts before you can extract. it's a multi-Part Archive.
Follow our tutorial:


Posted: 26 Dec 2019 16:41
by TorelliTUNING
Hi, I have a problem decompressing this file with winrar 2.43 Multipack file of mod 1 (file size 250MB) [ETS2 1.36], every time I do it tells me that the file promods-v243.7z.001 is damaged. I downloaded it a second time thinking it would be from my browser. But the fault persists.

Re: [Central] Free download questions

Posted: 26 Dec 2019 16:43
by Trucker2223
Read the post above yours, it already explains everything.

The mod file 1 is giving me problems

Posted: 29 Dec 2019 15:06
by Scxrfacezzz
hey guys, recently i bought some dlcs and wanted to install promods but the "2.43 Multipack mod archive 1 (file size 250MB)" (wich should apear as a 7zip file) shows like the rest of them like promods-v243.7z.001 so i can't unzip it like the tutorials do

i tried to remove the .001 but the archive gets corrupted so i can't unzip it. The thing is, when i try to open the game the 7 promods-v243 files don't so up on the mod manager (i supose because of not being able to extract the 1 file).

I already tried to download it twice but it keeps on giving me the not zip/winrar file

If someone could help i would be thankful. (sorry if i made some grammar mistakes)

Re: [Central] Free download questions

Posted: 29 Dec 2019 15:54
by Trucker2223
The Tutorials explain also that you need to download all 7 files before you can extract, it's a multi-Part Archive. Don't change any filenames.

Downloading files

Posted: 03 Jan 2020 17:06
by jackalsleeping

I have just paid for the fast download and got that downloaded fine. now when i try downloading the extras without the paid method, because the extras are not included with the paid method, it tells me I have exceeded my download limit and to use the page I already have open or alternatively pay for the the download.

I have no other pages open and am curious if there is something obvious I am doing wrong. do i also need to download the test tool if I have the paid download or is that not needed.

Thank you for your help.

[Edit: Issue resolved. for anyone having the same issue -- it doesn't look like you need to do the test stage with the paid download, either that or I just got lucky as I did not do the test stage and everything works fine. With the download saying exceeding download capacity issue. I found a forum link viewtopic.php?f=7&t=26256 which advises why it was happening and to try another browser. I tried in IE and worked fine. I feel bad for not finding the forum post before making this comment, thank you to anyone who was considering helping and to all the mods and contributors to the forum for keeping all the information needed here for those needing it. The mod looks great and setup is simple, just me not understanding everything.]

Re: [Central] Free download questions

Posted: 03 Jan 2020 23:17
by ScuL
Hi, you don't need the test tool for the paid download this is only for the free download.